How to reset the Greenstar CDi SE service code.

The SE code appearing on the display is not a fault, it advices you that the burner has run for 2324 hours which is thought to be the average burner run time for a 12 month period. At this point the boiler requires an annual combustion and safety check. To reset the SE code procceed as follows.

  1. Press the spanner button for 10 seconds. The button illuminates orange, on release the display will show 1.A.
  2. Press the eco button repeatedly until the display shows SA.
  3. Press the chimney sweep briefly and the button will light orange. The Display will show 00.
  4. Press the eco button once.
  5. Press the chimney sweep button until the display shows [ ]
  6. Press the spanner button to leave the service mode.

If the service SE code appears prior to 12 months the burner has run longer than normal hours. If all else appears normal Worcester Bosh state that the boiler does not have to be serviced early.